What we do.

Architectural still photographers by trade, applying that specific skill set to video & film production. Architectural video done by knowledgable architectural still photographers.  We create high end films and still images for today's leaders in architecture/design, engineering & construction.

Working in the AEC industry for the last 15 years, two things have become apparent to us:  1) Architectural projects have a beautiful and compelling narrative surrounding them, and 2) these stories/narratives are not being told with the frequency or level of production that we would like to see.

We are ready to change that…

The majority of our clients will not only display our work on their own websites and social media, but will also seek to expand their viewership and position in the industry via the impact and exposure of varied media outlets. Online magazines and design blogs have massive social media followings, and projects that have a film associated with them are ripe for the plucking. You can see one of our films on Architectural Record’s site...


Why we should talk.

It’s a given that your project is gorgeous and should be documented. Beyond that there are ways that our video/stills can help your business:

  • An average website visit is 48 seconds. That increases to 5 min 50 sec with video.
  • meaning video is 5.33x more effective than text
  • Properly optimized websites with video are 53x more likely to show up on the first page of Google
  • email marketing campaigns are 90% more effective when they have a video
  • Video promoted products are 85% more likely to be purchased
  • over 90% of internet traffic is video content
  • an internet user watches an average of 186 videos a month
  • YouTube viewers age demographic has a huge range of 18-54
  • 60% of viewers watch video content before reading text on the same page
  • visitors navigate websites an average of 2 minutes after watching video content





Who we are and how we came to be

After meeting in 2010 and finding shared interests in architecture/design/family/food/art, Joshua & AJ began working together with increased frequency until finally creating Ford & Brown. While combining their strengths and passions with firm, they each also maintain their individual businesses/studios that they have built over the last 15 years.

AJ Brown

AJ is a graduate of the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. He is laser-focused in his work, creating images specific to architecture, interior design and construction. AJ’s interest in this industry began at a young age, having an architect as a father, and his appreciation for design aesthetics and attention to detail are hard-wired.

Joshua Ford

Joshua attended the University of Illinois, and has worked in photography since 1996 while still an undergraduate. His work spans a diverse client base which encompasses not only architectural clients, but also industrial, commercial, editorial & portrait photography. His love of the still image was actually born out of a passion for film and the compositions of greats like Kubrick/Lynch. After years of focusing on still photography, he has circled back to his roots in film over the last 5 years.

Payton Shumaker

Payton is an experienced photographers assistant and has worked in virtually every photography/video situation you could imagine. Payton is Joshua and AJ's go to man on every shoot and an invaluable asset to the Ford & Brown team and the clients we serve.  When things get tough, Payton is there not only to problem solve but also to lift spirits with his dry wit and impeccable comedic timing.